Young children who are prolific readers are often the ones who, later in life, master German and become writers themselves. Advertising copy, journal articles and medical writing are just some of the texts that Kiefer TexterstellungTextredaktion can compose for you.


Are you looking for someone to fill the place holder on your website with meaningful content? A text that’s interesting and easy to read and understand but still professional and effective? A text written by a native German speaker, who can ensure it is free of embarrassing errors?

That’s what Kiefer TexterstellungTextredaktion offers: personalised content for your websites, flyers, newsletters or any other advertising material. As an experienced copywriter, I know what matters when it comes to writing advertising copy, and I know how to make it resonate with the audience. I have an excellent command of the German language, and know its spelling, grammar and punctuation rules inside and out. I am also able to expertly navigate the social and political subtleties of the language and am very familiar with the AIDA marketing model and SEO.

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Whether it’s patient information leaflets, consent forms, brochures or articles for newspapers or journals, as a trained nurse and translator of medical texts, I specialise in medical language. At the same time, I am also very adept at making medical texts accessible, and delivering complex content in an interesting and understandable way. With these sorts of texts, it is important to keep in mind the text type, the audience and the purpose as well as the guidelines given by the publisher or determined by the medium (the use of the IMRaD format, for example).

As a nurse, I observed on a daily basis how information, when delivered well, had a significant impact on patient recovery. If patients were provided with information that was transparent and comprehensible, their compliance – and the likelihood that treatment would be successful – increased significantly. Yet even a specialist audience prefers information (such as significant research findings) to be presented in a way that is both clear and comprehensible.

If you are looking for a medical text that matches these criteria, just give me a call or write me an email and we can discuss in detail any questions, requests or requirements you might have.

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Do you feel like something is missing from your next publication? Are you looking for a report, feature, interview or biographical sketch for your journal, newspaper or specialist journal – something your readers will find useful and interesting? Perhaps you will find what you are looking for hier (prices are negotiable; please ensure that you observe copyright restrictions).

I also accept commissions for original articles. I write about a range of topics and, in terms of text type and scope, will work with you to develop an article that aligns with your vision. Here as well, I specialise in medical texts. As a freelance journalist and translator with a medical background, I am very interested in new developments in this area, and I am able to write about these topics in a way that is thorough but still easy to understand. I am, however, more than happy to compose texts about areas outside of medicine.

What do I value? Thorough research. Fair and respectful conduct. Constructive criticism. Specialised language for specialised audiences. Open and honest communication. Maintaining journalistic integrity. Solidarity with my colleagues across the world. In short, the guidelines for journalistic work as laid out by the German Press Code.

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Feel free to call me or write me an email.

You can reach me Mondays to Fridays between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm CET on my mobile (+49 151 546 74341) or via email at

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